World cup in the EU’s offices. Acta est fabula!

Ooff…It’s all over! And again my country’s team didn’t manage to win. But frankly the Spanish team deserved it.
Every time there is the World Cup or the European Championship, EU officials transform from devoted Europeans into outright fanatic nationalists. Results are discussed at high voice, referees blamed and so on. French and Italian colleagues felt ashamed and were the first to put away national symbols and to return to normal habits in the office.
Everyone felt sorry for the English and the goal they didn’t get (but most of us agreed that the Germans would have won anyway).
The more the tournament advanced the less colleagues were directly involved, of course.
Lining up for coffee in the morning colleagues would enquire friendly, however, whom I think would win (a rhetorical question , of course, who else than My Team).
I had my share of the friendly madness and walked around in a Oranje shirt the day after the semi-final.
At the end came the final and the Spanish colleagues and myself started to become nervous.
Yesterday morning when I turned up in the office colleagues came to enquire how I felt (guess?!) and express their condolences. As if I had lost a member of my family.
Needless to say the Spanish colleagues walked around like proud peacocks! And they had every reason to do so.
The match was discussed once more in detailed (and admittedly the foul play of the Dutch  from time to time).
In 5 minutes I will have lunch with two Spanish colleagues. The appointment was made before the final match.
We knew that one of us would be very happy and the other sad.
But now it’s over. Acta est fabula.
The setting up of the European External Action Service and its website will be on my plate for the months to come. More than enough to do!

In order to honour the Germans that came 3rd in the World Cup my Spanish colleagues decided to eat at a German restaurant! Schlemmerschintzel und Weissenbier. Prost!


6 Reacties to “World cup in the EU’s offices. Acta est fabula!”

  1. Davied Says:

    And who picked up the bill?

  2. Davied Says:

    They all went back to work …

  3. Dusan Says:

    Lovely albeit brief description. It seems that it is left to footie for us to mange our wealth of identities. One already misses all the positive and refreshing buzz we had during the World Cup. When is the next one?

    • dicknieuwenhuis Says:

      Didn’t want to bother people with long bureaucratic stories. Wasn’t intended to be a Commission press release type of thing. In that case the title would have been something like “Towards a European based mutual conciliation enhancement process for football led human interaction” with a quote from the responsible Commissioner saying “I am delighted to to see the start of the discussion on one of the most important issues on the European agenda – the creation of the European based mutual conciliation enhancement process, and especially the constructive engagement of the Euroepan Parliament in this. We have achieved a lot together in recent weeks, building the necessary common ground among all
      (Funny enough I needed to replace only a few words from a recent speeh of someone). LOL!

  4. Dusan Says:

    Thanks again. One can only think that the one real thing that Europe needs and which footie brings to the surface is passion. Passion for difference, passion for victory, passion for fairness, passion for social interaction and engagement. With all EU committees, proceedings and mutual conciliation processes one only can live in want for some true daily excitement. World Cup shows that we are all so wonderfully human! Still, why is it not same level of passion with handball or cricket :)))

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